Style Wise

Aside from the fact that Mrs. Hazel Carpenter and her sub-deb daughter, Hazel share the same name, the two have much more in common. Figuratively, they are cut from the same cloth, and literally they sometime do so cut up the same cloth.

Both mother and daughter are dressmakers, the former professional and the latter amateur, but only in the sense that she has no professional purpose. Comparatively speaking, Hazel is an accomplished dressmaker.

As a child, Mrs. Carpenter began making clothes for her dolls who might have easily rated honors as best dressed. Her entire family was able to sew thus her interests along that line were readily developed.

The junior Hazel, however, did not take an active interest in sewing until she became clothes-conscious and desired a quantity of pretty things. Like most fashion-minded girls, Hazel pursues the latest fashion magazines to acquire knowledge of the style trends then uses her own ideas in designing clothes. She has made all types garments for herself but enlists her motherís aid with the heavier materials such as might be used for a winter coat.

Mrs. Carpenterís services are in great demand by a number of smart women who find her work designed to show to an advantage the better features of the individual figure and to flatter the other points. Her designs are fashionable and yet conservative enough that they may be worn for several seasons. These patrons have kept her so occupied with appointments during the past few years that they have formed themselves into a select clientele.

Although her four daughters were taught to sew they prefer to have their mother make their clothes or to alter any they buy. Mrs. Carpenter varies patterns whenever necessary or desired and will make up a dress from a picture or a sketch. The daughtersí vary is size from petite to Junoesque and all posses well proportioned figures. Among their motherís best customers their beautifully finished, precisely fitted wardrobes are excellent advertisements for their parentís profession. The three older girls began secretarial and business careers prior to their marriages and Hazel, the youngest, plans also to enter the field.

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